In-House lending

Benefits of In-House lending

When you here in-house lending you automatically think of Bad Credit. This is not always the case. In-house lending also means that you can finance a vehicle that may not fit a regular banks narrow window of what is fanciable.

In-house lending also means that you can finance a wider variety of vehicles no matter your credit situation. Our In-house lenders look at vehicle loans on an individual basis and not according to preset guidelines.

This means that you can:

  • Finance vehicles with high km. Maybe your getting a really good deal on your friends truck. Yeah it has a few extra miles but you know this truck. Your friend took care of it! The banks look at the km vs the year and make a decision based on that. Our in-house lender looks at the truck, the one you are actually going to buy and makes a decision based on the amount financed, the truck that you are actually purchasing, and a credit interview with you.
  • Finance vehicles no matter what model year:strong> Say you wanted to buy a car like 1988 CRX, a 2000 Corvette, or a 1999 Plymouth Prowler. Traditional dealers who offer only bank financing have no available options to finance these vehicles. You could go try get a loan from the bank, however since they use a strict booking guide, vehicles like this are traditionally difficult to get approved for. Our in-house lender evaluates each vehicle on an individual basis, and because the loan can be secured by your new vehicle getting approved is the easy part!
  • Vehicle Loans based on the vehicle not your credit: Our in-house lender does NOT need to do a credit check to get you approved. Yes you read it right. No Credit Check Required! Obviously everyone can see how this could help someone with really bad credit, vehicle repossession history, or someone new to the country. But don’t forget this is also a viable option if you are say in the middle of closing a deal on a new house and don’t want a car loan to mess up your chances of getting that mortgage.

At Mr. Hemi we aim to help everyone get a good vehicle no matter credit situation or the vehicle your heart desires. Get Approved Now! We have your vehicle financing solution no matter the situation.